Galerie Fons Welters - Amsterdam

Roosen & Guests

This autumn, Maria Roosen will be taking over Nijenhuis Castle in Heino / Wijhe. She has invited artists of various ages and backgrounds to come and shed new light on the interior of the castle and its surroundings. Throughout her career, Roosen has worked with other makers, like glassblowers, as she creates her work in glass, textiles and wood. Her work is the product of a collective process, and this is precisely the idea behind this exhibition, in which will result in new connections – and possibly also clashes – between Roosen’s work, that of her guests and the historical setting of the castle. This will give rise to a new, temporary art collective will at Nijenhuis Castle. Roosen deliberately included both young makers and artists from her own generation in her selection; the show will be all about mutual inspiration.⁠