Galerie Fons Welters - Amsterdam

In his work, David Jablonowski intertwines abstract themes such as communication, technological developments and trade in physical and digital products. He does this by analysing and interpreting these phenomena in a playful but critical way. His exhibition titles allude to the material meaning and value of objects. In BlueGreens (Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster, 2012), for example, it concerned the ecological footprint and  Hype Cycles (Kunsthalle Lingen, 2014) and Futures Contract (Gallery SpazioA, 2019) were about the predictability of the future-proofness of a product or technology. Jablonowski’s work expresses his interest in social developments, triggered by changes in work processes and circumstances.

For his new work Jablonowski uses contemporary machines and automation processes as a starting point. Use of materials and applications such as computer-milled and 3D-printed objects, marble and various printing techniques reflect this interest. Although technological developments are often described with the word ‘innovation’, new production methods that represent Jablonowski’s materials have advantages and disadvantages. The new production possibilities are offset by social consequences for the people who previously produced comparable objects; efficiency and development have a destructive side.
The works evoke associations with relics, but then of future production processes and technologies. The use of existing (artificially) manufactured objects undermines the artist’s handwriting – after all, they already exist. Yet the objects produce new forms through the way of assembling. Does the sculptor give individuality to these new techniques of digitization and automation in the form of an art object?